All body sculpting services are great for clients who are searching for more natural forms of body shaping, toning, transforming, and detoxification. All body sculpting services are non-invasive and extremely safe for the body.

All body sculpting and detox services pair great with each other! Schedule more than one service for optimal health and wellness results.

Osmosis Sculpt

Osmosis Sculpt is a multi-function machine and detox program that uses 

micro-currents, targeting specific parts of the body to be defined,

toned, shaped, and more. 

Sessions Starting at just $200

Whole Body Vibration Therapy

While standing on a vibrating platform, your body will experience dozens of contractions a second aiding in weigh loss, muscle definition, and overall body toning and detoxification.

20 minutes - $30 
40 minutes - $45 

Body Wraps

M'lis Body Contour Wraps provide inch loss of 4-14 inches throughout the entire body. Stimulate circulation and minimize the appearance of cellulite while boosting your metabolism for quicker weight loss. (Includes 7-minute scalp massage) Best results achieved through a series. The body assessment is performed with a Bio-Tracker. This is a full body assessment that measures your weight, body fat %, hydration levels, muscle mass, DCI, bone mass, visceral fat and measurements for trackable results. Add a facial to your service for a wonderful head to toe experience (done simultaneously while you rest in the wrap).

Body Wrap - $135
Single Body Wrap W/Assessment $150 
Body Wrap+30 min. Facial - $195 
Body Wrap+60 min. Facial -  $245

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