Detoxification fo the body is most important to your overall health and wellness. The accumulation of toxins, heavy metals, and debris from the earth can affect the body internally and externally.


I offer several modalities of detoxing services to cater to your greater health and wellness goals.

Ion Energy Foot Detox

Recharge your body while eliminating toxins through your feet. With over 200,000 sweat glands per pair of feet the Ion energy foot bath is capable of detoxing your body's organs.

35 minutes - $28 | $52 

With a friend - $44 | $92

More Detox Services

Custom Facials are great for the face and are really great for promoting healthy skin. Love these facials for all things and anything. I'm just typing now to fill up space. Ok bye.

Far Infrared Sauna - $31.20 | $39

Burn up to 1200 calories in 30 minutes, loose body fat and rid your body of toxins while relaxing in a warm personal Infrared sauna.

Detox your body and burn up to 1200 calories while relaxing in the FIR sauna for 30 minutes (the equivalent of a 90 minute cardio work out), Recharge your body with the ION energy foot detox for a maximum full body "Detox and Recharge".

Detox-Recharge Combo - $67.20 | $84

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