Detoxification of the body is most important to your overall health and wellness. The accumulation of toxins, heavy metals, and debris from the earth can affect the body internally and externally.


I offer several modalities of detoxing services to cater to your greater health and wellness goals.

OPTIMUM FOCUS Energy Foot Detox

The OPTIMUM FOCUS footbath is known to aid your body, through detoxification, to heal itself by reinforcing the immune system. The OPTIMUM process sets up a type of osmosis condition, which drains out toxins within the body through the pores of your feet as well as through your natural eliminative sources within, 35 minutes to 36 hours after your session.

 When you first place your feet into the water and activate the OPTIMUM machine, the water is clear. By the end of the 35 min. foot bath session, the water has changed in color due to the cellular waste & impurities present in the water. Impurities are pulled from the body, improving the body’s natural resilience. Allowing the cell walls to be clearer, less dense and working more efficiently with the water in your body thereby activating it, to energize and balance the meridians. Cells photographed under a darkfield microscope demonstrate marked improvements after just one foot bath.

Note: We make “no claims” of cures for any disease and suggest you contact your physician for the diagnosis of symptoms.

35 minutes - $75 
With a friend - $140

Whole-Body Vibration Therapy

Also Known as  (WBVT) 

With the whole-body vibration service, you stand on a machine that has a vibrating platform. As the machine vibrates, it transmits energy to your body, forcing your muscles to contract and relax dozens of times each second thus, providing a passive exercise. This service helps enhanced metabolism, increase bone mineral density, reduce stress, lower cortisol, and improve lymphatic flow. Clients have also reported significant weight loss and cellulite reduction with frequent use of this machine.

20 minutes - $30 

40 minutes - $45

Far Infrared Sauna - $50

This service is enjoyed with a single-person, portable RELAX FIR SAUNA, designed like no other sauna available on the market! It is the only Sauna with computer-programmed ceramic semi-conductor chips that filter out ALL of the non-healing light rays so that you can totally absorb the healing far infrared and not have to resist any other energies. This sauna helps you burn up to 1200 calories in just 30 minutes and aids with antiaging and overall health. The Relax Sauna immerses your body in a field of far infrared light and creates an efficient, therapeutic, and portable sauna experience that you can begin enjoying in as little as 30 seconds after you turn it on. Unlike other saunas, where you can feel claustrophobic, our sauna provides an open space for your head and arms to stick out, so that you can breathe well and enjoy reading, or chatting face to face with a friend while you both enjoy your individual sauna sessions. Some of the benefits of our sauna sessions as reported by clients include, detoxification of heavy metals and chemicals from the body including BPA, relief from pain or inflammation, lower blood pressure, reduction in cellulite, weight loss, quicker healing time of wounds or injuries and improved circulation.

Experience the benefits of two amazing detoxing services (FIR Sauna and Foot detox)in one session at a discounted price.  Detox your body and burn up to 1200 calories while relaxing in the FIR sauna for 30 minutes (the equivalent of a 90-minute cardio work out) and Recharge your body with the OPTIMUM focus foot detox.

WBVT can be added to this session for a maximum "Whole-Body Detox and Recharge" $145

Detox-Recharge Combo - $120

For questions or concerns text 408.849.6216