When people have an issue with their skin, they often seek the help of a professional. However, things can get rather confusing while having to choose from a list of facial services when you’re unsure of what your skin needs in the first place. That is why here at Violet’s Health & Beauty we perform a full skin analysis and ask a series of questions, so that we can custom tailor each facial for you at the time of your appointment.

Custom Spa Facials

All facial services are designed to help you both relax and improve your skin. Custom Facial treatments are tailored just for you. Pay for the amount of time needed to get the job done and not the products used. No up-selling, no pressure, only results! 

30 minutes - $79 
60 minutes - $135 
90 minutes -  $180

Any part of the body that contains different skin concerns such as hyper pigmentation, congestion, black heads, dehydration,HS or irritation can be treated. Some of these areas include underarms, inner thighs, bikini, or buttocks.

*This does not include the back. See 'Back Facials' below. (No male services under the waistline).

30 minutes - $45 
50 minutes - $65 

Sensitive Area Facials

Specialty Facials

All specialty facials contain specific masking techniques or treatments to achieve a specific skincare goal.

Extra Care Acne Facial - $125

This specialty facial treats acne through extractions on visible acne, black heads, and congested areas of the face. The skin is then treated with high-frequency, ultra violet light therapy to help kill excess bacteria and speed up the healing process.

This facial gently removes old, tired celled and helps the skin become more vibrant, softer, and healthier. Damaged skin is improved, fine lines are lessened, acne is cleared, and skin is given a dramatically younger look. This peel has a gentle pH of 3.2 with 20% glycolic in an aloe base – making the peeling process minimal.

Glycolic Peel - $110

Non-Surgical Facelift - $145

Discover a natural alternative to face lift surgery. This facial uses a scientifically formulated mask with specialized enzymes and amino acids that will clean, tighten, tone, and stimulate the skin without dehydration. Formulated to fight wrinkles, blackheads, and enlarged pores at their source regardless of skin type.

Back Facial -  60 min $140 30 min(no massage)$98

Enjoy the benefits of a deep cleansing for a common problematic area, which needs special attention too – your back! I will gently wash, treat, extract blackheads & moisturize your irritated, tired, oily or dehydrated skin!

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